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Struggling with your research writing? These seven writing workshops address common challenges experienced by researchers and research students. About the facilitator Cassily has worked in universities for 20 years in […]
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In this 45 minute session Cassily Charles kickstarts your introduction writing covering the role of the introductions in both thesis and articles, variations on the structure of the introduction, when and how to approach writing your introduction and more...
The complexity of journal articles can be overwhelming. Students often become lost or confused while reading them, and waste significant amounts of time trying to understand their content. However, journal […]
Procrastination is a frequent visitor to research writers and many others. We will look at the typical causes of procrastination and share many practical techniques which you can use to […]
A research degree involves creating, noting, connecting and retrieving a lot of information and ideas, across a number of years, which can challenge our normal habits of keeping notes. This […]
A research degree is a special kind of long-term project, which needs new strategies for setting milestones, planning and managing your time. This session will address a range of very […]
Writing groups can be casual drop-in meetings or intensive communities, and they have magical benefits for researchers, including doctoral candidates. Whether you want to increase your productivity without too much […]
This session is a follow-on from our recent webinar ‘Writing: how to be more productive without procrastinating or bingeing’. In this webinar, Brian will be joined by four PhD candidates and two graduates who are participating in his high-output writing program as they share their experiences, wisdom and strategies.
Many writers experience writing as stressful. They get in a pattern of procrastinating followed by long arduous writing sessions. There’s a better way, based on research by Robert Boice and Tara Gray.
In this webinar Dr Ben Ellway shares 7 ways to use his Research Design Canvas that will help you orientate yourself quickly, save time and fast track your progress from concept to completed project.
Join this 2-part workshop with Cassily Charles aimed at first-year research students & supervisors focussed on structuring literature reviews. Learn reading, analysis techniques, and strategies for success.
Join Dr Margaret Kiley as she explores issues related to how examiners approach the examination of written doctoral theses, and what they are thinking as they make their decisions.
Inevitably over the course of your research career you will experience times when things aren’t going so well. This webinar draws on evidence-based strategies to help you during these periods and stay well throughout your research career.
Professor Niamh Brennan shares her 20 rules for research writing from her landmark paper, “100 research rules of the game”. Principles that are often so taken for granted that they remain unspoken, tacit knowledge.
Kate Christian shares her 8-step strategy and practical, actionable tips to help you communicate about yourself and your research. You will learn how to stand out from the crowd, build your profile and attract the support you deserve.
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to write and submit your academic journal articles in a timely manner, join Dr Malini Devadas as she takes you through the four essential stages of writing a paper.
Dr Helen Alexiou explores "research impact" in its broadest sense and highlights how strategic, creative and entrepreneurial perspectives can expand the potential for the reach, influence and impact of your research.
Some PhDs begin with a real-world problem or planned outcome or artefact and others, are theory or dataset driven. In this webinar Dr Ben Ellway shows you how to use his Research Design Canvas to identify your own unique PhD starting point.
In this webinar, Professor Niamh Brennan discusses her top 20 PhD rules to help students successfully navigate this challenge.

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