What We Do

The DHCRC has a highly successful education and workforce capacity building program that looks to support the next generation of digital health leaders and deliver new and innovative learning experiences.

As the digital healthcare sector continues to accelerate, technology and data are only tools to support better healthcare outcomes – people are the drivers of change.

We collaborate with university and industry partners to identify and co-create bespoke educational opportunities to develop digital literacy, support digital transformation and build digital leadership capacity and capability.

We have a cohort of over 150 higher degree research students, interns and postdoctoral fellows who have contributed to our growing body of evidence supporting the digitalisation of the health sector.

‘Big Thinkers’ Forum

Evidence based perspectives from Digital Health CRC emerging leaders.

Sadiq Dohadwalla, Digital health intern at Beamtree | Statistics and biochemistry and molecular biology student at University of Sydney

Tanvi Zakir Hussain, Digital health advocate | CS engineer | Thinker

Tanisha Rajesh Ahuja, Digital health intern at Beamtree | Medical science | Neuroscience | University of Sydney

Kevin Poh, Physiotherapy student | Emerging health communicator | Healthcare enthusiast

Talent Hub

Connecting you with Digital Health CRC talent.

Use the filters below to find the digital health expertise you are looking for.

Human factors researcher | Implementation scientist | Postdoctoral research fellow
Adeola Bamgboje-Ayodele
Health data scientist | R enthusiast | Research fellow
Amir Marashi
Health technologist | Digital health researcher | Health services researcher | Visual design | Human computer interaction | Implementation scientist
Anna Janssen
Registered nurse | Sunrise EMR super user | Public health & healthcare design graduate
Ashleigh Mirra
Machine learning engineer | Data scientist
Asim Adnan Eijaz
Pharmacist | Digital health intern
Belle Hart
Digital Health Program Officer | Quality Improvement | Digital Transformation
Bradley Ovien

Digital Health Courses

Learning experiences co-designed with industry and academic partners.

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