width=A research degree is a special kind of long-term project, which needs new strategies for setting milestones, planning and managing your time. This session will address a range of very common challenges which research candidates face, and provide numerous practical techniques which you can use to have greater clarity about the path ahead, to adapt to the unexpected and to make realistic and sustainable progress towards your goals. There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to share experiences. Research students, supervisors and others are all warmly welcome.

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About the facilitator

Cassily has worked in universities for 20 years in Group-of-Eight, regional and international universities, in academic literacy, researcher development and English linguistics. In recent years she has supported thousands of research candidates, early career researchers, supervisors and other academic staff and students with counselling, teaching, writing groups, writing feedback and coaching. In addition to her degrees in linguistics and education, she is a qualified social worker. She never finished her own PhD, many years ago – and doesn’t regret it – but has travelled that journey with others many times since then.


Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity