width=The complexity of academic research and the uniqueness and scale of each individual research project mean that the first stage of the doctoral journey can be challenging.

To combat confusion and help you avoid wasted time during your first year and beyond, Dr Ben Ellway (from the University of Canberra and Academic Toolkit) created the Research Design Canvas.

In this webinar, Ben will show you how you can use the Research Design Canvas to:
1. Identify a starting point for your research
2. Self-assess your awareness and understanding of research fundamentals
3. Recognise and avoid common first year PhD pitfalls
4. Create a visual summary and big picture view of your project on a single page
5. Adopt a purposeful and systematic approach to your literature review
6. Recognise connections and interdependences between project components
7. Perfect your confirmation seminar, research proposal, or first year progress report.

Learning to use the Research Design Canvas in these 7 ways will help you orientate yourself quickly, save time and fast track your progress from concept to completed project.

Watch the recording.

Facilitator: Dr Ben Ellway

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra. I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge. I have taught research classes at the doctoral and masters level, and I regularly conduct research seminars and workshops. My experience has taught me that research is complex and can be incredibly challenging, often resulting in a long, uncertain, and frustrating process. Through Academic Toolkit I aim to make the process of planning, designing, writing, and publishing research both easier and more enjoyable.

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