COVID-19 – utilising near real-time electronic general practice data to establish effective care and best-practice policy

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State: New South Wales

Status: Ongoing


Identify the impact of COVID-19 in near real time in order to improve critical decision-making in healthcare settings.

Project objective

This Project will make use of an innovative, secure, and comprehensive digital health platform called POLAR Explorer to deliver near real-time reporting on the impacts of COVID-19.

Primary health care has moved into the frontline as COVID-19 testing transitions from hospitals to general practice, where tracking testing behaviours tend to be fragmented and delayed. Pooled GP data from resources like POLAR Explorer are invaluable when it comes to informing population and individual care decision-making.

Delivered via a predictive geo-spatial analytics dashboard, these reports will display data relating to the diagnosis, treatment and medications prescribed to COVID-19 patients.



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