width=A doctoral dissertation is a challenging undertaking requiring determination, persistence and resilience over a long time: often four to six years’ of study or more.

In this webinar, Professor Niamh Brennan discusses her top 20 PhD rules to help students successfully navigate this challenge.

The 20 rules were drawn from her landmark paper “100 PhD rules of the game to successfully complete a doctoral dissertation”.

Professor Brennan has assembled her “100 PhD rules of the game” from her work with masters and doctoral students over many years.

Citation: Brennan, N. (2019) “100 PhD rules of the game to successfully complete a doctoral dissertation”, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol. 32 Issue: 1, pp.364-376, doi.org/10.1108/AAAJ-01-2019-030

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Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity