Empowering consumer representatives in digital health

Published 29 May 2024

Kevin Poh

Physiotherapy student | Emerging health communicator | Healthcare enthusiast

LinkedIn: Kevin Poh

In the evolving landscape of digital health, the importance of patient and public participation in health research is becoming increasingly apparent. Ensuring effective consumer representation is therefore, pivotal for responsible and sustainable healthcare improvement. However, consumer advocates often face challenges when it comes to contributing to research which ultimately hinders their ability to contribute in a meaningful way.

My internship project focused on identifying available supports to upskill these consumer representatives through a comprehensive content analysis. An in-depth exploration of existing resources and educational materials regarding digital health literacy was conducted on the Google Advanced search engine. The goal was to identify important keywords related to digital health and to identify them within resources that provided educational material on digital health, with the aim of uncovering gaps in consumer health literacy and informing the development of targeted educational interventions.

Ultimately, this project aims to bridge the gap between consumer representatives and the evolving landscape of digital health, and to highlight the impact that well-informed consumer representatives can have on health research.

As patient and public participation in health research continues to grow, it is imperative that consumer representatives can provide their insights in an accessible way. By empowering these consumers, we are ensuring that their voices are heard, and their perspectives integrated into the design and implementation of digital health solutions in the future. Overall, improving the consumer’s digital health literacy will increase access to quality healthcare and drive positive health outcomes for all.

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