Internship project: Identifying available supports to upskill consumer and lived experience advocates in Digital Health

Project Participants

Status: Completed


There is growing demand for consumer and lived experience advocates to participate in strategy and policy discussions about the development of Digital Health infrastructure in Australia, and internationally. In order to fully contribute to this process, advocates need to feel confident in their knowledge and skills with digital health. This project aims to understand what supports are available to upskill consumer advocates in digital health and determine the extent to which they meet the needs of this cohort in Australia. The intern(s) will undertake a global scan of consumer and other organisations that are likely to be providing supports to consumer advocates to enhance digital health skills to get a snapshot of the current landscape. Once these resources have been extracted the intern(s) will undertake a content analysis of the available resources against a skills and capabilities keyword matrix to determine the extent to which existing documents address key needs of consumer advocates. Findings will be synthesised into a summary report that identifies gaps in current approaches and highlights supports that could potentially be translated to the Australian context.

Project Objective

  • Identify resources currently available to upskill consumer advocates to develop confidence in their Digital Health capability.
  • Undertake a structured analysis of the content of existing resources to determine the extent to which they meet key needs of Australian consumer advocates.
  • Develop recommendations of how the suitability of existing approaches to upskilling consumer advocates in Digital Health can be applied to the Australian context.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity