BodyGuide is thrilled to be partnering with Multiplex on an injury prevention research project. The program, which is unique in the market, uses a combination of technology, telehealth and group education to reduce injuries and promote self-care in physical health. The project has attracted funding support from LaTrobe University and the Digital Health CRC.

“We are excited to be taking part in this injury prevention research program. The uptake by our people has been great and we are looking forward to seeing the positive impact that all three phases of this program – relief, resolve and resilience – has on our staff’s body literacy and overall physical wellbeing,” said Danni Dodgson, Senior Human Resource Manager Multiplex Victoria & South Australia.

BodyGuide’s founder, Matthew Green, is no stranger to the space, having spent over a decade working with patients at his clinic in Melbourne. In early 2019, Matthew made the transition from clinical work, to group programs, working with employers and insurers to prevent injuries.

“Pain is about more than just sore muscles. It affects 68% of Australians in a given week, with those in chronic pain up to 9x more likely to experience depression and other psychological risks.

Body stress injuries remain the leading cause of workers compensation claims, which is why it’s so strange we haven’t seen much innovation in this space. Most interventions have little or no evidence to support them, like manual handling training and employee pre-screens. Other support systems, like EAP’s (employee assistance programs) have not found a way to drive engagement. At BodyGuide, engagement is our key metric. If our programs aren’t engaging, they won’t have impact.”

The Digital Health CRC has partnered for the research element of the project, supported by LaTrobe University.

CEO Annette Schmiede said the Digital Health CRC was established to work with industry and researchers to support innovative and novel digital solutions to improve health outcomes for all Australians.

“Chronic pain is causing significant personal and economic impact that is only growing over time,” Ms Schmiede said. “Traditional care models rely on patients to initiate treatment but cost, time and difficulty in arranging appointments sees many patients delay or defer treatment. Novel digital platforms offer an opportunity to alleviate these barriers, enhancing access to timely healthcare by making it simple and convenient while still delivering a tailored outcome.”

“We couldn’t ask for better partners on this project. Multiplex has embraced our mission of preventing injuries through improved health literacy and on demand care pathways. Having LaTrobe University and the DHCRC lending their expertise ensures we can focus on impact and outcomes” BodyGuide Founder, Matthew Green.

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