Using practice analytics to understand variation and support reflective practice

New South Wales Current Project

Project Participants: University of Sydney | Monash University | Cabrini Health Ltd | Royal Australasian College of Physicians | Adventist Health Care | St John of God Health Care  


Make better use of the masses of clinical performance data that’s collected by healthcare organisations to improve health outcomes for patients.  

Project objective 

This project involves several sub-projects, exploring the role performance data collected through various systems such as billing and administration can play in supporting reflective practice by health professionals. Focusing on how this information can be extracted from data systems (such as Patient Administration Systems) and the used by clinical teams to engage in reflective practice.

Utilising co-design and engagement with practitioners, the project will also examine ways that clinical teams can use this data to reduce variation and support ongoing performance improvement.

The work will look at a range of primary clinical areas of focus and will endeavor to adopt an appropriate balance across practitioner and surgical areas. 

Potential key areas of focus include:  

  • Respiratory  

  • Cardiology  

  • Neurology  

  • Gastroenterology  

  • Orthopaedic surgery  

  • Upper GI surgery  

  • Urology  

  • Neurosurgery