Provide an overview of the Australian virtual health landscape; provide directions regarding virtual health care redesign and redelivery in Australia.

Project objective

This project aims to define the priority activities required to ensure Australian healthcare settings embed digital capabilities (including virtual care and telehealth) into their healthcare delivery.

While Australia has undeniably seen a rapid acceleration of virtual care capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains a lack of clarity around its future. This work will examine the impact of government and industry-led policy and service delivery changes in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and provide direction for future digital healthcare delivery in Australia.

A thought-leadership whitepaper will identify the key themes and directions regarding virtual health care redesign and delivery in Australia. This research will endeavour to support future service development and research in virtual care and telehealth.

Reimagining Healthcare Consumer Survey

The white paper, Reimagining Australia’s Health System, led by Deloitte, Curtin University and the Consumers Health Forum of Australia through a Digital Health CRC project is a foundational study that sets the scene for the creation of a consumer-driven healthcare system that is accessible, sustainable and digitally enabled.

The paper identifies a number of factors that are integral to the transformation of Australia’s healthcare system and closely aligns with the core objectives of the Digital Health CRC.

This includes ongoing investment into areas such as data interoperability, implementation programs and building workforce capacity. The paper reinforces the need for the Digital Health CRC to continue to drive coordinated action via our ecosystem and champion a multidisciplinary approach to innovating and commercialising digital healthcare solutions.

Read the whitepaper here: Australia’s health reimagined, the journey to a connected and confident consumer

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