PreHaRM: a predictive harm response management algorithmic tool to reduce adverse events in healthcare settings

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Apply advanced data science techniques to support clinical and executive decision-makers, including optimising patient data analytics to create value for health consumers and stakeholders.

Project objective

This project aims to develop, pilot-test and implement predictive harm algorithms for the two largest health networks in South Australia; Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) and Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN).

This tool will utilise existing software frameworks to build a visual, interactive program that will be accessible and reported via a dashboard summary for clinicians and administrators. This will allow them to view real-time insights that describe risk stratification in the hospital setting and produce their own assessments and predictions in real-time to forecast special considerations for safety measures to be implemented.

The project is using 18 months of source data from two major hospitals in Central Adelaide Local Health Network, the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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