PhD scholarship for Jade Barclay: Improving women’s health: managing hypermobility-related multimorbidity

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


This project will lay the research foundations for the development of a future digital health solution – an evidence-based hypermobility navigation toolkit for patients and clinicians – which, in turn, will improve patient outcomes and their experiences in navigating the healthcare system.

Project Objective

  1. Establish international consensus of management priorities for hypermobility-related conditions.
  2. Identify variance of priorities between clinicians and patients, or other subgroups.
    — end of PhD options for knowledge translation and research impact projects building on this knowledge —
  3. Understand how unrecognised/unmanaged hypermobility contributes to the global burden of multimorbidity and chronic pain.
  4. Close evidence gaps by triangulating heterogenous sources – RCT’s, service utilisation claims, Delphi consensus, social media discourse.
  5. Embed multimorbidity-informed evidence in clinical guidelines, education, and screening, co-designed with health consumers.
  6. Elevate the profile of inclusive representation in research and clinical guidelines to Close the Multimorbidity Gap.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity