Optimising digital solutions to improve access to comprehensive Primary Health Care services in remote Indigenous communities

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Design a best practice approach to how digital technologies can be configured and deployed in an integrated, culturally safe, and scalable manner that optimises comprehensive primary health care access in remote Indigenous communities.

Project objective
This project will develop and evaluate an approach to implement and integrate digital technologies that support comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) in remote Indigenous communities. It focuses on how technology can strengthen and support existing CPHC models as well as new and innovative approaches to delivering CPHC.

This is a phased project that will use an inclusive collaborative approach to optimise the development and deployment of digital solutions to address the issue of enhancing access to CPHC services in remote Indigenous communities. A realist evaluation approach will be utilised to evaluate the impact of these health system changes.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity