Reviewing and managing chronic kidney disease to improve outcomes

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Utilise linked data to investigate the clinical trajectory and early onset of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Project objective

This project will utilise linked data from a state-wide patient dataset to examine the clinical trajectory of individuals with CKD. The dataset includes all individuals affected by CKD in WA between 2002 onward, and links pathology results with hospital morbidity and mortality data. This unique state-wide resource will accurately establish the true epidemiology of CKD through interrogation of pathology records across WA, identifying individuals across the spectrum of CKD severity.

The project aims to identify risk factors associated with progression from early to advanced stage CKD and examine clinical variation. This information will inform evidence-based clinical recommendations to improve the model of care, highlighting resource requirements, and identifying targets for early intervention, leading to better outcomes for patients with CKD.

The second aspect of this study will be to focus on the development of a live digital dashboard for effective analysis, visualisation and reporting of information that can be used to support both policy and population policy and clinical decision making. The purpose of the dashboard will be to provide early decision support to healthcare providers and risk stratify patient care according to those that need it most.

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