Reviewing and managing chronic kidney disease to improve outcomes

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State: Western Australia

Status: Ongoing


Create digital data tools to help better identify early onset chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Project objective

This project will use linked data from a state-wide patient dataset to examine the clinical trajectory of individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The dataset includes all Western Australians affected by the condition from 2002 to today.

This powerful state-wide resource will accurately establish the true epidemiology of CKD, identifying individuals across the spectrum of CKD severity. Earlier stage CKD is unrecognised in most instances, yet these individuals have a threefold greater risk of cardiac death compared to unaffected individuals.

Early intervention is the key to better patient outcomes and driving down the healthcare costs of treating latter stage CKD.

The data will be analysed to identify clinical indicators associated with the progression of CKD, and the cost of the disease across its life course.


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