Internship project: Understanding the pathway to consumer centred health care information in rural and remote Queensland

Project Participants

Status: Completed


The research question this project seeks to answer is: Does information flow match the journey of a healthcare consumer across rural and remote health services?

Our hypothesis is that the rural and remote context of healthcare delivery impacts staff perceptions of digital health with reported benefits and disbenefits across the quadruple aims of healthcare (patient experience, health of populations, cost of care, healthcare provider experience).

This project will use an existing data set to explore the perspectives of rural and remote digital healthcare in Queensland. The internship will run concurrently with a research honours degree with the University of Queensland. The intern will be embedded into the parent project team (DHCRC-0128) with members from academic, industry and government.

Project Objective

  • Explore the literature on rural and remote considerations of digital health
  • Identify and compare the patient journey with the flow of their health information within and between Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) in rural and remote Queensland
  • Determine possible recommendations for rural and remote HHSs to create a consumer centred healthcare record
  • Prepare a manuscript for publication

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity