Internship project: Investigating aged care reform through longitudinal and linked data

Project Participants

Status: Completed


The Sax Institute is interested in the capability of aged care data collected through the 45 and Up Study to measure against aged care regulations and benchmarking. This internship would map data collected and/or linked to the 45 and Up Study dataset to national Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards and document those that best measure the effect of aged care reform.

Project Objectives

Develop and assess the options for an assessment/performance framework based on Aged Care Quality Standards and the variables available with the 45 and Up dataset:

  • Develop and document a data quality framework from the National Aged Care Quality Standards;
  • Propose the metrics to measure care regulation and benchmark aged care activity; and
  • Map data collected and/or linked to the 45 and Up Study against the data quality framework to identify gaps.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity