Internship project: How ‘Health in a virtual environment’ (HIVE) is transforming health and work outcomes

Project Participants

Status: Completed

The aim of this research is twofold. First, we aim to evaluate the implementation of the EMHS HIVE. Specifically, the focus is on evaluating the cost efficiency of the HIVE and its capacity in data analytics. Second, we aim to evaluate the implementation process of HIVE. Specifically, its impact of work design on staff (e.g., ward nurses, control centre operators) and on relevant outcomes such as the quality of patient care, staff engagement, community learning, and decision making and communication.

HEDA is seeking to understand the effective implementation of the HIVE from a health economics perspective. The interest here will be in evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the HIVE with a focus on:

  • Determining the efficiency of the HIVE in relation to hospital operations and patient flow;
  • Modelling the impact of the HIVE on the safety and quality of patient care;
  • Developing an ongoing capacity in data analytics operating across Curtin University and EMHS to support better informed organisational decisions.

FOWI is seeking to better understand the transformative impact of HIVE on the workforce and work design of staff. Our analyses will seek to understand how HIVE relates to effective work redesign under the SMART work framework. More specifically, we seek to understand and explore:

  • The effective implementation of the HIVE across EMHS;
  • The impact of digital transformation and remote monitoring on employee experience and the associated risks of these effects;
  • The ways in which work can be redesigned to mitigate potential harmful effects.

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