Internship project: Applied informatics to enhance ophthalmology registry data collection

Project Participants

Status: Completed


The objective of this project is to assess the precision of clinical alerts generated by a Machine Learning algorithm in detecting deteriorating patients, as compared to the alerts documented in a clinical information system. The intern will analyse a subset of Machine Learning alerts from a three-month period, and determine the frequency at which alerts were activated. They will also examine the data captured in the clinical information system that corresponds to the events that prompted the alerts, in order to identify the patient presentation characteristics that triggered the alerts.

Project Objectives

  • Review data recorded in a clinical information system related to the incidents that triggered the alerts.
  • Review a three-month extract of machine learning algorithm alerts indicating patient deterioration.
  • Describe the characteristics of the patient presentation that triggered the alerts.
  • Quantify the frequency of alerts being triggered.
  • Determine the effectiveness of the machine learning algorithm in detecting patient deterioration.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity