Integrating mental wellness and brain wellness assessment/advice on SiSU stations

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State: Victoria

Status: Ongoing


Support mental and brain wellness, and empower Australians living with mental health disorders to better self-manage their conditions.

Project objective

This project sees Swinburne University of Technology teaming up with health tech company, SiSU to enhance and improve their existing health assessment portals.

SiSU health check stations, distributed in pharmacies and other public settings across Australia, have enormous potential to reach people who don’t tend to utilise face-to-face services. These internet-enabled medical devices allow individuals to undertake a free, self-service health assessment without the need to interact with clinicians. However, currently assessments are only available for physical conditions.

This technology can be effectively utilised to allow users to perform a health assessment using a combination of self-report data and biometric measures (blood pressure, heart-rate variability etc).

Researchers working on this project will aim to develop an evidence-based, empowerment-oriented mental health assessment tool, ready to be embedded into SiSU’s existing health self-assessment portals.


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