Enhanced Telehealth Capabilities for Improved Patient and Clinician Experiences

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Deliver enhanced telehealth capabilities (ETHC) to improve patient and clinician experiences of the telehealth delivery method.

Project objective

This project will make use of an experience-based co-design, prototyping, and evaluation method to enhance telehealth capabilities. By improving the patient experience, as well as the efficiency of telehealth, researchers hope to facilitate a greater uptake of it in the future.

ETHC can improve the technical, as well as the user experience parameters of telehealth. This includes increasing the speed and quality of virtual systems during major events like pandemics, but also providing better and more equitable access to specialist services all the time.

Researchers will apply their methodology to real-world settings and will develop modules for palliative care and mental health as a starting point, while looking to apply their findings across the whole of healthcare in due course.

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Teamwork and Authenticity