Enhanced data extraction and modelling from electronic medical records and phenotyping for clinical care, and research: Case studies in management of medication stewardship

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Develop new, efficient capability for data extraction from electronic medical records (EMR), along with demonstration of EMR use within clinical analytic methods that address clinical workflow activities and evaluate impact.

Project objective

This project will develop a new and efficient capability for data extraction from electronic medical records, starting with Queensland’s integrated Electronic Medical Record (iEMR).

It aims to demonstrate and enhance data-extraction methods and to deliver real-time analytics to Australia’s largest health care service.

Using live analytics is essential when it comes to prioritising patient care and shifting from the current ‘break-fix’ healthcare model to a more sustainable ‘predict-prevent’ model. This project will pioneer this more desirable model in the commissioning of a sophisticated digital hospital.

If successful, this project will pave the way for Australian hospitals to increase their efficiency and improve care outcomes.

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