Embracing digital disruption using intelligent decision support for more responsive care, better patient outcomes and greater efficiency

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State: Queensland

Status: Ongoing


Implement intelligent decision support solutions within hospitals that promote responsive, safe, and efficient patient care.

Project objective

This project seeks to demonstrate the benefits of digital hospital systems in Queensland’s Metro South Hospital and Health Service.

While it will initially use ‘offline’ records for new analytics and decision support solutions, it will also evaluate the implementation of real time analytics and decision support.

The program of research will identify the highest priority clinical areas for implementation of intelligent decision support solutions, and the clinical teams who are prepared to trial these.

The project aims to identify the preferred approaches for clinicians receiving and interacting with intelligent decision support solutions and produce economic models to understand the potential cost-effectiveness of this technology.

Finally, the research team will produce a prioritised list of opportunities for intelligent decision support solutions to be carried forward for further testing.


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