Creating a National Digital Health Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program: A Pathway to the Future

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


There is currently no way for clinicians to enrol in a program that allows them to prospectively work towards a nationally recognised fellowship, similar to other clinical specialties. This project aims to fill that gap. The fellowship will be jointly recognised by the relevant professional body and Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), giving clinicians professional fellowship standing by AIDH and their respective medical/health college, similar to other clinical specialties.

Anecdotal experience suggests that a sophisticated digital healthcare system must have:

  • all staff proficient in digital workflows and 20% at ‘superuser’ or expert level, with an intent to have a ‘superuser’ rostered on every shift
  • 10% of staff with an industry level qualification (graduate certificate or higher) in clinical informatics
  • 1% of staff with a fellowship or higher degree in clinical informatics.

This project targets the final cohort: clinicians seeking a clear career pathway to become an accredited expert in digital health (clinical informatics).

Project Objective

We currently have no agreed national curriculum, recognised career pathways and recognition program for clinicians who are keen to become practitioners and leaders in digital health e.g. Chief Clinical Information Officers and Chief Digital Health Officers. The goal of this program will be to create a national program for a clinical fellowship with the AIDH. This provides the healthcare system with a clear and evidence-based pathway to gain the skills and knowledge to transform care, with a nationally and (ultimately internationally) recognised fellowship.

Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity