CLOTS – technical solution: 4-Model Decision Support Tool for ALL surgical and interventional procedures

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Prevent thromboembolism (TE, blood clots in the veins) by using a 4-Model Decision Support tool to drive evidence-based, real time decision-making for surgical procedures.

Project objective

This project looks to help prevent the prevalence of thromboembolism (TE; clots), a high priority safety initiative for the Australian medical community.

Clinicians (and patients) need timely access to appropriate decision-making tools that are relevant to real-world, personalised practice. These modules have been designed for this specific purpose.

The key priority areas include Surgical TE Prevention (STEP); periprocedural management of antithrombotic drugs (MAD); haematinic optimization (HO); to avoid complications associated with anaemia and blood products; and fast-track warfarin reversal (FTWR), a novel, highly effective, and safe strategy for warfarin management for elective procedures.

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