Bringing digital excellence to clinical excellence: leading digital excellence in Queensland Health

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Help Queensland health professionals adapt and thrive to the digital revolution taking place in healthcare.

Project objective

This project sees Queensland Health partnering with the University of Queensland (UQ) to support the emergence of a new breed of interdisciplinary leader who can use thought-leadership to shape the digital transformation of healthcare in Queensland.

These thought-leaders will go on to support the digital transformation of healthcare in Queensland by building intellectual leadership and by growing a rich ecosystem of students, supervisors, fellows, and university-industry collaborations that can maintain and advance the momentum of the transformation over time.

This work will also look to tie in with the broader work of the Digital Health CRC, meaning these digital health leaders can become national (and ideally international) figureheads who can make significant improvements to health systems.


Integrity, Excellence,
Teamwork and Authenticity