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Experts in Outreach activities.

Talent Hub
  • Aged care researcher

    Rhiannon Toohey
  • Digital health intern | Radiography student

    Nina Nguyen
  • PhD Candidate

    Debannita Ghosh
  • Data analyst | Academic tutor | Final year medical science student

    Hongyi Shi
  • BSc (Biomedical Sci) Hons | PhD candidate

    Ritu Trivedi
  • Implementation science I Practice analytics I PhD candidate

    Kavisha Shah
  • Health data analyst | Pharmacist | PhD candidate

    David Lim
  • PhD candidate | Exercise physiologist | Sedentary behaviour | Physical activity | Researcher

    Kacie Patterson
  • Implementation scientist | Qualitative consultant | PhD candidate

    Manasha Fernando
  • Clinical informatics researcher | Health economist | PhD candidate

    Robin Blythe
  • Bringing the benefits of genomics to the healthcare system

    Alan Robertson
  • Mental health | Psychology | Researcher | Software developer | PhD candidate

    Zhao Hui Koh

Contributions to topical debates in digital health.

Future Thinking