A collaboration with the University of Queensland, Queensland’s Metro North Health and Queensland HealthEnhanced data extraction and modelling from electronic medical records and phenotyping for clinical care and research, is an exciting project which has recently achieved a significant milestone.

This digital health research project is focused on developing a new, efficient capability for data extraction from electronic medical records, starting with Queensland’s integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR). 

The team led by Associate Professor Sullivan, Dr Guido Zuccon and the Queensland Digital Health Research Network recently worked with clinical and digital teams to develop two dashboards to monitor opioid prescribing and insulin safety.   

Both dashboards have now been commissioned and in production for use at Australia’s newest digital hospital, Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS).   

What the project is trying to achieve  

This project looks to develop new and efficient capability for data extraction from electronic medical records and aims to demonstrate and enhance data-extraction methods to deliver real-time analytics to Australia’s largest health care service.  

Associate Professor Clair Sullivan, lead researcher from the Queensland Digital Health Research Network at the Centre for Health Services Research, The University of Queensland (UQ) is excited about the potential for this research to significantly reduce medication errors.

“Medication errors are a leading cause of injury and harm across the Australian healthcare system and reducing these is a priority for all healthcare providers,” A/Prof Sullivan said.

“Digital health is our most powerful tool in this important mission.”  

Using live analytics is essential when it comes to prioritising patient care and shifting from the current ‘break-fix healthcare model to a more sustainable ‘predict-prevent’ model.

This project will pioneer this more desirable and constructive approach to healthcare and aims to pave the way for Australian hospitals to increase their efficiency and improve patient care outcomes.

Introducing STARS  

The Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) is a hospital and newest member of Australia’s largest hospital and healthcare service (Metro North Health). It is also one of the largest specialist rehabilitation services in the southern hemisphere and is part of the Herston Health Precinct in inner Brisbane. 

Part of a highly collaborative community that’s currently home to more than 30 different health facilities, medical research institutes, and universities, STARS sits at the forefront of digital health.

The Precinct is made up of more than 13,000 clinical and non-clinical staff, scientists, researchers, and students, all striving to improve and advance healthcare in Australia.

Metro North Health and the University of Queensland have developed a long-term partnership to embed clinical research and education into clinical practice through the STARS Education and Research Alliance.

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