In this regular column we will introduce you to members of our team, share some of their career journey and take a look at what they are focused on at DHCRC.

Tell us about your background and experience?

I trained as an accredited exercise physiologist and accredited practising dietitian out of Sydney Uni. I worked in both community and private practice settings for several years following – predominantly focused on chronic disease management with low income and disadvantaged communities across Sydney – before completing a Master of Public Health and Master in Health Management with a focus on health economics and digital health.

For almost a decade I worked at South Western Sydney PHN where I was provided the unique opportunity to dive into both population health and digital health. At South Western Sydney, I established a wide-scale quality improvement program which supported over 200 general practices in optimising their data utilisation for the betterment of patient outcomes. It was adopted across five PHN regions and is still used today.

In my time at SWSPHN I also led an Australian first roll-out of an interoperability solution that shares patient data by trusted and secure means between clinical settings in real-time, whilst leading an amazing team of clinicians, project officers, data analysts and population health planners to capture and support the health needs of the region.

Prior to joining DHCRC I worked with the Australian Digital Health Agency to establish operations a novel experience centre for testing digital health solution and user experiences.

What is your role at DHCRC?

As Program Director I support the incredible work of our team of program managers, overseeing the standing up, delivery and translation of outputs from our project pipeline. As part of the leadership team I also support the business side of the CRC by overseeing our reporting, finance, strategy and relationship management with our Participant network.

What brings you joy from working in digital health?

Having experienced the health care system as a consumer, clinician and now working at the DHCRC, I understand there are few aspects in health these days that are not supported by digital solutions. Being a part of the research, development, commercialisation and ultimately adoption of digital health solutions is incredibly rewarding. We are in a privileged position, where what we do, in partnership with our participants, helps improve the experience of everyday Australians accessing the health system, supports the healthcare providers responsible for delivering services and empowers the support staff who form the backbone of our healthcare system.

What are you most excited about looking ahead for the DHCRC?

DHCRC has an opportunity to influence and shape the future of digital health in Australia with our participant network. The outputs and outcomes of our projects that are underway, as well as those coming, will have the ability to influence policy, processes and adoption for the better of the Australian healthcare system. We are truly at the forefront of impacting and shaping clinical service delivery, population health through the better use of data, and enhancing of the skills of the workforce through education.

Finally, any secret skills or hidden passions you can share?

Whilst I’m a die-hard basketball fan, I’d say my best days on the court are behind me. I still love to catch a pick-up game at my local courts.

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