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Dr Clare Morgan

Clare is a PhD-qualified research scientist with extensive experience in project and stakeholder management and the commercialisation of academic research. Most recently a senior business development manager at the Walter …

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Rob Hamper

Rob is a proficient and passionate technology lawyer with 14 years post qualification experience, strong technical expertise and industry experience gained at leading technology companies including Data61/CSIRO, NICTA, Dell, HP, …

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Judith Ngai

Judith has over 15 years’ experience in consumer-driven healthcare, health promotion, and healthcare design. Judith is an experienced community pharmacist and also previously worked at a large, national health insurer …

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Win Yee Tan

Win Yee is a project manager with experience in delivering health initiatives at a regional, state-wide, and national level. She specialises in the implementation and coordination of complex projects with …

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Neil Taplin

Neil’s involvement in learning and digital started in the late '90s when he joined an elearning start-up in the UK as a designer and animator. Before long the company expanded, …

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