A collaborative partnership between global businesses, the health industry and the university sector has the potential to streamline the design and manufacturing of personalised health solutions in Australia.

The collaborative project between the Digital Health Collaborative Research Centre (DHCRC), global medtech leader Stryker and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), will develop a digital platform to enhance patient healthcare.

Last year Stryker opened its first R&D Lab in Brisbane with a focus on four core areas: digital health, robotics, clinical software applications, and advanced manufacturing research.

“A local, fully digitised and connected planning and design treatment system has the potential to reduce production lead times and hospital and patient costs, improve patient outcomes, and demonstrate scalability potential across multiple medical applications,” said Rob Wood, Senior Director of Research & Development at Stryker.

This collaboration will see academia and industry working closely together, with a special R&D relationship with UTS Rapido, a dedicated R&D engineering and technology consultancy embedded within UTS providing expertise in additive manufacturing.

“UTS Rapido has a proven track record of developing end-to-end solutions through its unique capabilities in software development, UX, and mechatronics,” said Hervé Harvard, Executive Director, UTS Rapido.

DHCRC CEO Annette Schmiede said this project has the potential to deliver a significant contribution to the digital health sector and the broader Australian economy.

“It is anticipated that the outcomes of this project will lead to job creation with localised product development in Australia, as well as an increase in local skill development,” Ms Schmiede said. “Longer term, this project has the potential to place Australia in a strong position to deliver digital solutions to the broader Asia Pacific region.”

“This project brings unique R&D capability to Australia and represents an opportunity to bring together a global powerhouse, our world-leading universities, and the local health sector. This reflects the core mission of the DHCRC.”

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