In October, the DHCRC sponsored over 50 of the PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and interns it supports through scholarships, industry placements and projects to attend and present at the 2022 Digital Health Institute Summit in Sydney.

As a Gold Sponsor, we curated a dedicated stream of research presentations covering some of the major issues impacting the digital health ecosystem – data interoperability, building a resilient workforce and future innovations.

DHCRC Education Manager Dr Melanie Haines said the Summit presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate first-hand how our emerging digital health leaders are solving real-world industry problems.

“The Summit provided both a networking and upskilling experience for our higher degree researchers, interns and postdoctoral fellows as well as the opportunity to contribute emerging research and evidence to the digital health ecosystem,” Dr Haines said.

“It was a really successful event in helping us foster industry and research collaboration by connecting leaders from across the health landscape with the latest ideas, research and approaches to sector challenges that are being incubated through the DHCRC.”

The emerging leaders also appreciated the unique opportunity to present and connect with the DHCRC and industry:

“I sincerely valued the chance to catch up on the latest research in the field and particularly enjoyed meeting members of the DHCRC team and our associates across the country. The passion and care that you brought to the process was felt throughout. I’ve never experienced such support either before or during proceedings from a conference team, and it left a lasting impression. The results also spoke for themselves in the high calibre of presentations being shared. These sorts of gatherings are so valuable for inspiration and knowledge sharing – so your sponsorship was immensely important.”

      • Dr Bronwin Patrickson, DHCRC postdoctoral fellow

“I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated the wonderful Summit experience and the amazing support you provided DHCRC students. I really enjoyed the Summit’s presentations, learned about many different areas of research, and met many of you in person. The skills and experiences that I have learned throughout the preparation process will be very helpful for me in the future. Hope to see you again at the next event.”

      • Thu Ha Dang, DHCRC PhD candidate

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