A new digital health internship program is now open to students from the University of Sydney.

The University of Sydney is teaming up with the Digital Health CRC (DHCRC) to deliver a high-quality internship program that will further both organisation’s commitment to enabling innovative pathways to a career in health.

Available to up to forty-five students from the University of Sydney, these internships will see students gaining first-hand learning experiences in digital health.

Attracting and retaining a digitally literate health workforce is a major challenge for the Australian healthcare system.

Anna Janssen, Senior Research Fellow at the Research in Implementation Science and eHealth (RISe) group at the University of Sydney believes the internship program will help students interested in pursuing a career in digital health build practical skills.

“We design individualised projects for each intern, in collaboration with industry and health sector partners, so that when they finish their projects they are equipped with specific, industry-tested skills, capabilities and connections for them to jump start their future careers with,” said Anna.

This digital health capacity building partnership supports the DHCRC mandate to build a future workforce that is confident and capable in using data and technology to deliver quality patient care. Furthermore, it aims to compliment the ambition of the Australian Digital Health Agency to have all Australian healthcare practitioners able to use digital technologies to interact with patients by the end of 2022.

The program will include short-cycle projects focused on skills development in applied data science, implementation science, policy translation, business case development and other key areas. Individual internships will be offered for 12 weeks duration.

Internship projects will be developed with industry partners to ensure they allow students to develop workforce skills and capabilities that will assist them as they progress their careers in digital health.

“It is wonderful to be able to provide this opportunity for University of Sydney students. As an early career researcher myself these internships are a unique opportunity for my peers and me to work collaboratively with health sector partners to undertake short-duration projects that have a significant impact,” said Anna.

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