Unlocking healthcare insights at Curiosity Camp

Published 11 December 2023

In part one of this compelling two-part series recorded at DHCRC Curiosity Camp in Crackenback NSW, Talking HealthTech host Peter Birch delves into the realm of healthcare research and systemic change with Curiosity Camp tribe leaders Jade Barclay and Dale Trevor. Jade, leading the discussion on “Interdisciplinary blind spots in digital health,” exposes the inadequacies in clinical research samples, urging for greater diversity inclusion. Dale, guiding the “Data analysis to improve patient flows” dialogue, emphasises the crucial role of multi-disciplinary teams in aligning patient expectations with clinical outcomes. Both conversations converge on the need for systemic changes advocating for strategies like extended general practitioner appointments to enhance healthcare equity. These insights underscore the transformative potential of collaboration, community networks, and consumer-led initiatives.

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