Revolutionising healthcare: technology, collaboration, and evidence-based solutions at Curiosity Camp

Published 11 December 2023

In part two of this compelling two-part series recorded at DHCRC Curiosity Camp in Crackenback NSW, Talking HealthTech host Peter Birch spends time with Curiosity Camp tribe leaders Georgie DruryGuy Tsafnat, and Tim Veron. Founder of Vively, Tim unveils a pressing issue in Australia’s metabolic health and advocates for a proactive solution through continuous glucose monitoring. Highlighting an awareness gap, Vively’s data indicates a higher prevalence of prediabetes and type two diabetes than self-reports suggest. Tim underscores the power of continuous glucose monitoring in tracking metabolic health before the onset of type two diabetes, putting preventive measures directly in the hands of patients. Evidentli founder Guy emphasises the critical synergy between industry and research in driving evidence-based healthcare innovations and the need for multidisciplinary collaboration in addressing complex healthcare challenges. Georgie, CEO of Metluma advocates for improved support for women’s health in the workplace, championing digital health solutions that offer flexibility, especially for perimenopause and menopause. Metluma’s evidence-based approach, supported by validation studies with the Digital Health CRC, signals a broader trend towards data-driven healthcare solutions.

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