How perception can shape the future of virtual care

Published 4 March 2024

Ellena Maggyvin

Digital health enthusiast | Certified pharmacist | Planetary health enthusiast

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Rapid development in digital health in Australia has resulted in emerging virtual care models integrated to complement current care delivery. Digital health offers the potential to transform healthcare towards a more accessible and equitable service. While virtual care is widely implemented in Australia, a thorough comprehension of the limitations and factors hindering the delivery and implementation through the lens of healthcare professionals has yet to be undertaken. This project explores the thoughts and perceptions of individuals and organisations involved in virtual care delivery.

The insights uncovered have the potential to lay the foundation for substantial improvement in how care is delivered. A comprehensive understanding of the virtual care delivery model will support adjustments and advancements that can help ensure accessible high-quality care for all. In a rapidly changing environment, this undertaking is particularly important and can help to shape an adaptable and relevant future virtual care ecosystem in Australia.

Ellena Maggyvin

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