How Cory is improving elective surgery preparation

Published 26 February 2024

Co-design | Perioperative clinician | PhD candidate

LinkedIn: Cory Williams

Cory Williams, a rising star at the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC), has conducted vital research into how patients prepare for elective surgery. His study, involving 100 participants, reveals key insights into patients’ understanding of health, their learning preferences, and their need for information. The findings show that many patients, despite having access to technology, struggle with health literacy, especially regarding pre-surgery and recovery steps. Visual learning is preferred, with many favouring direct interactions, digital tools, or printed guides. Surprisingly, half of the patients sought extra information online, indicating a gap in current educational resources provided by healthcare facilities.

Williams’ work emphasises the need for personalised patient education, suggesting healthcare professionals should diversify educational materials and leverage digital platforms to meet patient needs better. This approach could significantly improve patient readiness and satisfaction.

For a deeper dive into the study and its implications for improving elective surgery preparation, read Cory’s full research paper here.

Cory Williams

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