October 1st has come and gone, and the aged care sector has reached another milestone in the transition to the new world. Care minutes are now mandatory, but unfortunately, many aged care providers are still reliant on manual and retrospective processes to track and report on care minutes. This requires significant investment of time and often results in unexpected star ratings as the Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) is submitted.

Technology such as Mirus Australia’s Care Minute Manager tool can significantly enhance how aged care providers plan, track and report on care minute targets. Leveraging the right technology solution allows providers to streamline processes, optimise resource allocation, and gain real-time insights. Here are some ways in which your current technology should be able to assist:

Here are four ways in which your current technology should be able to assist:

  1. Automated reporting: Automating reporting processes saves time, increases accuracy, and improves efficiency. Real-time costing integrated into the budgeting process enables informed decision-making, allowing organisations to align rostering and cost decisions with care minute goals.
  2. Data integration: Integrating data on occupancy and acuity provides a comprehensive view of demand and therefore what resources are needed. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to plan and allocate resources more effectively, ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet care minute targets.
  3. Optimisation of costs: Technology solutions can suggest efficient staffing arrangements, minimising overtime and preventing worker burnout. By optimising costs and ensuring the right staff is assigned to the right tasks, organisations can maximise care minute contributions within budgetary constraints.
  4. On-Demand reporting: Having the ability to produce the QFR on-demand facilitates continuous monitoring of care minute targets. This feature provides a clear snapshot of the organisation’s progress, enabling timely adjustments and avoiding surprises.

To be in the best possible position to meet care minute targets, it takes a proactive approach towards resource planning, and leveraging technology as much as possible. By carefully planning and

regularly reviewing progress, aged care providers can stay on track – at least have an early warning when things start to change.

If you’re ready to save time and eliminate manual processes, click below to learn more about how Mirus Australia’s Care Minute Manager tool can help organisations like yours.

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