Aged care data compare project – Phase 1 and 2 (Technical title: Aged care FHIR IG API & benchmarking MVP)

Project Participants

Status: Ongoing


Improve the data sharing capacity within the residential aged care industry, in order to make clinical information systems more consistent, reliable and efficient.

Project objective

This project aims to improve the way that data is used within the Australian residential aged care system.

Currently, residential aged care facilities in Australia use a variety of clinical information systems to collect and manage data related to the assessment and care of residents. These individual and distinct systems make it difficult for data sharing within organisations and hampers comparisons of care, quality and performance across providers.

In the first phase of ACDC, the objective is to produce and validate a prototype data hub to facilitate aged care assessment data interoperability across residential aged care facilities (RACFs) that use different aged care IT solutions and enable benchmarking of provider quality indicators (QIs).

Note: Phases 3 and 4 of this project will be tracked under Project Reference: DHCRC-0192, Aged Care Data Compare Plan (ACDC+)

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